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The Guatemalans say that Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is surrounded by three volcanoes, Volcan San Pedro with a height of 3,020 meters, Volcan Toliman with a height of 3,158 meters and, Volcan Atitlan with a height of 3,537 meters. On the south part of the lake the people generally speak Tzutujil and in the other parts Cakchiquel is generally spoken. In addition to Panajachel which is the tourist center of Lake Atitlan there are eleven Mayan villages surrounding various parts of the lake which conserve all of the Mayan Traditions and customs..

The areas surrounding Lake Atitlan have a variety of medicinal plants since pre-Columbian times. Much of these plants are still used by the local Mayan "Curanderos or Shaman." According to an article published by Richard J. Morgan in Revue, December 2001, you can find some of these medicinal plants in the Posada Los Encuentros and Centro Cultural Panajachel.


Lake Atitlan and its three volcanoes in the background

Panoramic view of lake and volcanoes

View from the mountains

Clouds starting to form over lake

Panoramic view

Lake Atitlan with the Toliman and Atitlan Volcanoes in the background

Lake Atitlan and Volcanoe San Pedro

Colorful view

Lake Atitlan and Volcanoe Toliman



Waterfall near the lake

Water sports

Sunset with the San Pedro Volcanoe in the background


Sunset at Lake Atitlan

Beautiful sunset


Little girl

Selling paintings in Panajachel

Main street in Panajachel

Main street Panajachel

Main street Panajachel

Pier at Panajachel

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